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Picture of Peter Dixon on the moors near Sheffield

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Postal address

School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Sheffield
Hicks Building
Hounsfield Road
S3 7RH
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Mathematical interests (research)

As an undergraduate, I was chiefly interested in mathematical logic, but as a postgraduate I moved into functional analysis, specialising in general Banach algebra theory (MR classes 46H, 46J). The great attraction of this field as a research area is that it involves both analysis and algebra in proportions which vary from problem to problem. Many interesting developments come from asking natural algebraic questions about Banach algebras which then turn into problems in pure analysis.

I am particularly interested in the following specific topics.

Specific research topics can be seen from my list of publications.

I retired in October 2009, so I am no longer supervising research students.   Prospective postgraduates in this area are referred to Pure Maths prospective postgraduates page and to the School of Mathematics and Statistics' Analysis Group page.

Mathematical interests (teaching)

In 2009-10 I gave two courses:  PMA324 Chaos and PMA443 Fractals.

In 2003-4 I gave a level 1 mathematics for computer scientists course PMA1050 Discrete Foundations (which overlapped with an M.Sc. course under the course code PMA6853), and a level 1 course PMA116 Further Subsidiary Mathematics for physicists.

In 2003-4 I gave a level 3 course: PMA445 Functional Analysis.

In 1998-9, I gave a postgraduate course on set theory; a PDF file of the notes may be downloaded by clicking here.


Dept. of  Pure Maths

School of Mathematics and Statistics (SoMaS)